Who We Are

When you reach out to us, we’ll connect you with an experienced organizer who will work with you. Here’s who’s on our team:

Steve Early – career representative and organizer for CWA in the New England region, labor journalist.

Mike Gallagher organizer with the AFL-CIO and worked on the HOTROC campaign, as well as an organizer with the United Labor Unions in a number of cities including Boston, Chicago, and California, and organized with SEIU’s 32B-J janitors in Boston for years.

Larry Ginsburg – former ACORN, SEIU, and most recently NEA Maryland organizer now living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Jay Hessey – former director of the SEIU janitorial union in Washington, DC and deputy organizing director for the janitorial division of SEIU, as well as organizing labor campaigns globally.

Jonathan Hiatt – former Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant to the President, and General Counsel of the AFL-CIO.

Jill Hurst – former deputy chief of staff for SEIU and a long time union organizer and activist in New England.

Ana Avendano – former Special Assistant to the President of AFL-CIO for Community and Immigration, Associate General Counsel specializing in immigration work.

Peter Olney – former organizing director for the ILWU based in Oakland, California.

Toney Orr – Field Director for Local 100 United Labor Unions.

Wade Rathke – founder and Chief Organizer of ACORN and the United Labor Unions. 

Rick Smith – the Southern Organizing Director for SEIU, and worked for the Florida Public Service Union, SEIU, and previously for the Teamsters.  Field director for the Walmart Workers Association organizing campaign, a joint project of UFCW, SEIU, ACORN, and the AFL-CIO.

Doug Young – attorney-at-law, longtime labor lawyer and former organizer with United Labor Unions and SEIU, based in Austin, Texas.S